October 19, 2023

After Biden, now British PM Rishi Sunak will go to Israel

Delhi: After US President Joe Biden's visit to Israel, now British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will visit Israel. He will reach Israel's capital Tel Aviv today. British Prime Minister Sunak will meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu amid the terrorist attack on Israel.

News agency Reuters, citing the British Prime Minister's Office, said that British PM Rishi Sunak will meet PM Netanyahu as well as Israeli President Isaac Herzog in Israel. During this, solutions to deal with war, terrorist activities of Hamas as well as solutions will be discussed.

The British Prime Minister's Office said that Rishi Sunak will reach Tel Aviv to express his condolences in the wake of the attack on Israel on October 7. Sunak said in a statement ahead of his visit that many people had lost their lives following Hamas's horrific actions. The death of every civilian is a tragedy. He said world leaders should come together to avoid a dangerous situation of conflict after a deadly explosion on a Gaza hospital on Tuesday. Apart from this, Rishi Sunak will also urge to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza as soon as possible and open a route to enable the evacuation of British citizens trapped there.

7 British citizens were killed in Hamas attack on Israel

A spokesperson for the British PMO office said on Wednesday that 7 British citizens were killed and 9 are missing after the Hamas attack on Israel. In addition to Sunak's visit, British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley will travel to Egypt, Turkey and Qatar over the next three days to discuss the conflict and seek a peaceful solution.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden had reached Tel Aviv on his visit to Israel. Here he supported Israel and held the terrorist organization responsible for the death due to rocket attack in Gaza hospital and gave a clean chit to Israel. Before returning to America, Biden told reporters that he would deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza. For this, talks were held with the President of Egypt. 20 trucks of aid material will be delivered from the Egypt border. At the request of America, Israel's PM Netanyahu agreed to humanitarian aid in Gaza.


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