October 20, 2023

Both Hamas and Russia are bent on destroying democracy: Biden

Washington: US President Joe Biden, in his address to the nation from the Oval Office, said that both Hamas and Russia are bent on destroying democracy. He also described Ukraine and Israel as important for America's interests and talked about providing assistance to both the countries. Biden said Hamas and Russian President Vladimir Putin represent different threats, but their intentions are the same - both want to completely destroy their neighboring democracies.

Regarding the Israel-Hamas war, Biden said that as President, there is no higher priority for him than the safety of Americans held hostage by terrorists. In Israel he saw people who were in shock and deep pain, as well as anger. He said, I also spoke to President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority and reiterated that the United States is committed to the dignity and right of self-determination of the Palestinian people. President Biden said that like others he is saddened by the deaths of Palestinian civilians. Especially the tragic deaths caused by the Gaza hospital explosion, in which Israel has no involvement. We feel sad at the death of every innocent person.

In his televised address, Biden said that America, as a great nation, cannot allow this side of partisan violent politics to grow as its responsibility. We cannot and will not allow terrorists like Hamas and dictators like Putin to win. The US President said that Iran is supporting Russia in Ukraine. Also, Hamas and other terrorist groups in the Middle East region have the support of Iran. Therefore it is necessary to hold him accountable.

He said the United States and our partner countries in the region are working to build a better future for the Middle East. So that the Middle East can become more stable and better connected to its neighbors. Working in this direction through new projects like India-Middle East-Europe Rail Corridor. Biden says that the attack on Israel reminds us of the people of Ukraine, who have been suffering war, cruelty and Putin's attack for 20 months. Both Hamas and Russia want to completely destroy the democracy of the neighboring country. Hamas is shielding Palestinian citizens. However, Putin says that Ukraine was never a real country.

The Soviet Union created Ukraine. Apart from this, Biden further said that anti-religious sentiment and Islamophobia have increased in America. I know many people from the American Muslim community, the Arab American community, the Palestinian American community. I feel like they are angry. They think we have Islamophobia.

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