October 16, 2023

India condemns terrorism in all its forms and manifestations: Birla

New Delhi: Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has said that India condemns terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. Calling for global peace and prosperity, he said that terrorism is an obstacle to peace and development and all sources of terrorism have to be defeated with collective determination. This statement of the Lok Sabha Speaker is being considered very important amid the ongoing war between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday, the day after the conclusion of the successful P-20 summit, the Lok Sabha Speaker said that some countries in the conference stressed on the reliable and responsible use of Artificial Intelligence and data security. All countries stressed the need to pay attention to dimensions related to responsible AI development and data security. Birla further said that Artificial Intelligence should be accountable and reliable. Lok Sabha Speaker informed that P20 countries agreed to form a group to enhance domain knowledge for legislative drafting. In line with the theme of India's G20 Presidency, the theme of the 9th P20 Summit was 'Parliament for One Earth, One Family, One Future'.

He further said that the New Delhi P20 Summit was the most successful P20 Summit ever in terms of participation of delegations. He told that apart from the G20 countries, 10 other countries were invited to the conference, in which all the countries except one participated. He further informed that a total of 37 Presidents/Vice-Presidents and leaders of delegations from 29 countries participated in the summit.


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