October 02, 2023

PM Modi will inaugurate various railway projects in Jagdalpur

Raipur: Prime Minister Modi will visit Jagdalpur, Bastar on October 3. During this, the Prime Minister will lay the foundation stone and inaugurate various development projects at 11 am. Promoting infrastructure development, the Prime Minister will inaugurate and lay the foundation stone of several railway projects. Prime Minister Modi will dedicate to the nation the new railway line from Antagarh to Tadoki and the double railway line between Jagdalpur and Dantewada. Along with this, the Prime Minister will lay the foundation stone for the doubling project of Boridand to Surajpur railway line and redevelopment of Jagdalpur station under Amrit Bharat Station Scheme. During this, the Prime Minister will also inaugurate the Tadoki to Raipur DEMU train service by flagging it off. These rail projects will improve connectivity in the tribal areas of the state. Improvement in rail infrastructure and new rail services will provide convenience to the local people and help economic development in the area.

The Prime Minister will dedicate the new railway line from Antagarh to Tadoki to the nation. The newly constructed 17.65 km long rail line built at a cost of Rs 272 crore under the Dallirajhara Raoghat project in the rail-connected Tadoki area of Chhattisgarh will provide an accessible, economical and fast means of transportation to the forest-dweller dominated area. Apart from promoting tourism, this line will also facilitate transport connectivity to iron ore rich areas for steel plants.

The Prime Minister will also lay the foundation stone for doubling of Boridand to Surajpur railway line. This 79 kilometer long project will be completed at a cost of Rs 775 crore. Doubling of this railway line will expand rail transport facilities and promote socio-economic development in the area. This will lead to local employment generation and ease of transportation of coal from surrounding areas to the rest of the country.

The Prime Minister will inaugurate the Demu train service from Tadoki to Raipur. With the launch of this service, direct train service will start from Tadoki to Raipur and fast, easy and cheap transportation will be available to the residents of this area. Students will have easy access to higher educational institutions and patients will have access to good hospitals and this will pave the way for integrated and all-round development of the region.

All these projects will also contribute to the social and economic development of this area. Tourism in the entire region will get a boost, economic activities will get a boost, new employment opportunities will increase and transportation mobility in the entire region will increase.


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